Cheltenham Festival

Cheltenham Racing X

Well with the festival just around the corner its time to get organised! I personally find winter racing much easier to dress for than summer, because lets face it you will basically spend most of the day in your coat! So with that in mind you have you have 6 things to focus on when it comes to your outfit! So lets start at the top-

1. Hat and hair- I am a big fan of the fedora, not just for women but men too. This hat is not for everyone  but worn with the right look can look great. I find this looks best with a more tailored and fitted look, rather than a loose 60s style coat.  Curly hair looks best but straight is just as nice, pin the sides back so as not to over crowed your face, a low pony tail is my favourite.

Now if the fedora is not for you a winter coloured fascinator is perfect for Cheltenham. Try to dress this up by putting your hair up or adding a few curls! A hat is not compulsory but it is always nice to dress up and make the effort, plus its always better to be overdressed rather than underdressed.

Ladies-high-quality-Black-and-white-spring-and-autumn-winter-flower-fashion-dome-fedoras-woolen-felt Fashion-New-Wool-Fedora-hat-Elegant-women-s-bucket-hats e649ec7d6ad2ead83ba2600951744fe6

2. Coat- Probably the most important part of your outfit! Now there is no need to go rushing out and buying a new one! Trends are constantly coming back and a good coat is timeless, I wear my classic cream Topshop coat over and over again! The only thing I would suggest investing in is a great mac, Burberry is obviously the first choice but if like me the bank balance will not stretch that far there are some amazing ones on the high street.

When deciding what coat to wear be practical, it will be cold but it has been a mild winter so far, so no need for ski jackets! Chose a colour you can match up with pieces you already have, and make sure it looks flattering on, all your pictures will be taken in this mainly and you don’t want to look like the michelin man! A coat is something you normally put on last and don’t pay much attention to so check it suits you and always ask an HONEST friend!

Exclusive-Warm-Fitted-Coats-Collection-pakifashion-8 marmalade_coat1 asos shoulder crombie burberry-mac1


3. Gloves- This may not sound too important especially with how warm its been, but they are always handy to have! A great leather pair look lovely, either a nice black pair to blend in with your look or make a statement with some gorgeous red ones!


4. Tights- Very important, please get some nice thick ones not the thin see through black ones which will make you look like an old teacher! I love coloured tights and if your looking to make a statement coloured tights are a great way to do it! Especially if you have an all black look this will really brighten you up! Anyone can do this but if your going to go super bright I really think you need to be under 35!!


5. Shoes- Comfort is the key word, like any race day its going to be a long day and normally filled with a few drinks! If you are likely to fall over after a few drinks, or walk like a lame horse after only a few hours in them they are probably not the shoe for you. Nothing will ruin gorgeous outfit quicker than falling! Now if you are seasoned professional at this and can hold your own then go for it! A gorgeous high stiletto can really finish off and great out and look so flattering! I am very clumsy and fall over in flats let alone heels, so I prefer a wedged heel as I just feel a bit more stable! If you have gone for some bright statement tights, a muted coloured shoe is probably advised you can pretty much never go wrong with black!

8906747838494 jimmy-choo-designer-shoe-43372-0p

6. Handbag- Now a good sized bag is advised easy to put a small scarf or cardigan in if you get cold, as well as all your other essentials! If the rest of your look has been playing it safe you can be a bit more risky with a bright or bold bag without offending anyone! I like bags with shoulders straps so they don’t get in your way, but this is really a personal preference.



And remember too much tweed is never a good look!

SS14 Primary Colours

The SS14 catwalks have been amazing, I love fashion week and checking all the blogs each day and watching the shows. Now currently AW14 fashion week is happening but fast approaching is summer. Although it may not feel like it with all these awful storms its time to get organised!! Now for SS14 a prominent theme for men and women was lots of bright primary colours. With a lot of designers using a lot of artistic influences. Chanel using paintbrushes in their show and many pieces literally looking painted, I think they looked so cool and different. My favourite has the be the bag!! Some Celine pieces also used the paintbrush effect. Prada and Celine used a lot of colour blocking in pieces which had a very each catching effect, I like it when pieces literally jump out at you. When I go shopping I look at a clothes rail and want something to jump out at me, I can see all these pieces doing just that. Dior kept with the colour block but in a more abstract way in many pieces again this is so different, and really caught my eye, with some great bright florals too.

This is an easy theme for men to do, it can be as easy as getting a simple t-shirt or shirt in a block primary colour i.e bright green or red and putting it with your normal suit trousers or jeans. For women this is also really easy to do, if your more confident you can use lots of block colouring in your outfit, or do just the same as the men and add a nice bright colour to your normal look. Images from Celine, Dior, Chanel, Prada and TomFord shows.


chanel-show-L-5 Chanel-ss14-Cara-Delevingne chanel-paris-fashion-week-ss14-collection-1 Chanel-SS14-16 CHANEL-COLOUR


prada-ss14-womens-ad-campaign-new-season-handbags-colourful-bags-2prada-1 on_0200-450x675

tumblr_mvjgg2yZrT1qfbqolo1_12801051420 dio_0110-450x675 dio_0387-450x675 dior-diorific-handbag-for-ss14-best-designer-handbags-for-spring-summer-2014-yellow-leather-handbag dior-ss14

CELINE_AD_SS_14_CAMPAIGN_1celine-3-sized-1 Celine-SS14-5 daria-werbowy-julia-nobis-by-juergen-teller-for-cc3a9line-spring-summer-2014

SS14 Pastels and Cream

Keeping with SS14 another prominent theme was some beautiful pastel and cream pieces, I really love pastel colours they are very soft and compliment all shapes, sizes and skin tones! Cream is always so nice in the summer as it just looks so fresh. We of course can’t all afford to get our whole or any of our summer wardrobe from designers but its great to take inspiration from the catwalk. Generally the high street take what they see on the runway and make it more affordable, so its great to have a look see what you like and keep an eye out for it on the high street! Another trend which seems to be coming back are the slogan tops, I loved this trend first time round and am even more obsessed this time! You can get these from anywhere my favourite place is eBay and Tk Maxx. Topshop also featuring some great colour blocking and beautiful prints. Here are some images from SS14 of the Mulberry, Burberry, Christopher Kane and Topshop shows. Other images from Louis Vuitton.

imagesrexfeatures-3025159mtopshop-unique-960x652 TOPSHOP-UNIQUE-SS14-2


MmulberrySS14_4 mulberrySS14_1 mulberrySS14_2


Mean Girls Ts

Well every girl has of course seen Mean Girls, and if your like me its one of my guilty pleasures to watch over and over! So you can imagine how excited I was when I saw Lauren Pope in a “YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US” jumper. I quickly checked eBay looking for one, not only did I find it but also a whole range of cheeky Ts from the film. Here are my favourites.

IMG_0641 IMG_0642 IMG_0643 IMG_0644 IMG_0675

Simply go on eBay and search Mean Girls tops and there is loads ranging from £8-£16.

Chanel Winter Bag

Chanel Winter Bag

Well i don’t know about you but I was a huge fan of the Chanel lego bag, and am so pleased to see they have brought it back out for this winter but with a slight twist. This beautiful Chanel bag is made from lamb skin and comes in three different colours.

Doncaster St Leger Festival 11th- 14th September


Well if you would like to fit in at Doncaster you are best off in as little as possible! Its a bit like Geordie Shore meets The Only Way Is Essex.


On a serious note though, its a bit like the Grand National with less fur. Its normally getting pretty cold at this time of year and being up North even colder. Think pretty casual looks but dressed up with heels and accessories.

I would suggest a nice dress/ jumper dress with tights and heels and a smart blazer or coat. If you would prefer to be in trousers go for black jeans/ trousers or in this seasons hottest trend the cigarette pants. Try and add some pattern to your looks to dress them up, however if you prefer a plain look try and add pops of colour. Here are some images for inspiration.


Grandnational-2013 IMG_2096 \


Now for you men this an easy one you can either go in your suits or chinos with a blazer. Which ever you feel best in!


Hope you all have a great festival, and don’t forget to look out for my dad in the Legends Race on Wednesday!