Royal Ascot In Pictures.

Firstly Here are some of my pictures from wednesday. Including a standard Ascot Selfie.


Beautiful dress from Calvin Klein


I saw this lady in the Royal Enclosure and just thought she looked beautiful, and loved it even more when she pulled out her cigar. Classic.


My dress is from the Rihanna collection she did for River Island.

IMG_3928 IMG_3937 IMG_3933 IMG_3938 IMG_3944 IMG_3952 IMG_3949 IMG_3958 IMG_3961 IMG_3936 IMG_3932 IMG_3925 IMG_3923



Here are some images From MailOnline of my favourite outfits. Including a gorgeous guid dog who was seen by many, who even had her hat on!

IMG_3994 IMG_3993 IMG_3992 IMG_3991

Lastly I saw this picture of Kimberly Garner, which I was so disappointed by. For whatever she is or isn’t she normally dresses beautifully, but this is just so inappropriate. She is wearing a Royal Enclosure badge and it is clearly stated in the rules no midriff, although she isn’t showing much she looks like she is going to a polo match not Ascot.



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