Guineas 3rd & 4th May

Well I cant believe how quick this has come around! It looking like its going to be a bit of a wet week! So I am guessing its going to be pretty cold next week-end. I hope I am wrong, but I would suggest making your outfit versatile. This is simply planning to add tights and a mac to your outfit. I seriously feel the cold, and often put a long sleeved top on under my dress. Even if it as short sleeved dress and know I wont be taking my blazer off. Here are some great dresses I think would be perfect for the Guineas. All the dresses I have chosen can be worn with tights and are easy to add a jacket or blazer too. All dresses are great for all shapes and sizes too.

Ted Baker £139- I think this dress is just amazing! It is at the very top of my wish list! You could easily layer this look and put a black long sleeved top on underneath if the weather is chilly. I love the collar and use of such a great picture on a dress. Ted Baker have done this a lot recently and I think its a really cool idea, and really comes back to fashion being about art!



Ted Baker £149- This is a great colour and I love the bow details. This dress can be worn for many other events too, even dressed down with flats.


Ted Baker £139-  This dress has a bit more of a spring/summer feel. So you can use this dress time and time again this summer!  You can still wear this with tights though. I think the pattern and detail is really pretty.


Ted Baker £129- This dress is just adorable! I am currently loving this tailored preppy look, which may have something to do with my Gossip Girl obsession! This dress is a great buy and could be used so much, this a classic piece and could be worn for years!


Miss Selfridge- £39- Another classic piece and again easily layered. This dress is great if you are going out after racing too.


John Lewis £25- This is a lovely shirt dress, with long sleeves which will be perfect if the weather is cold. I really like the bright red as often at winter racing we tend to keep it dark.


John Lewis 30% off price match £35.60- This is a great simple piece and really easy to wear. Great for all ages, shapes and sizes.


John Lewis 10% off £37.80- I love the tailored cut on this dress, its so fitted and flattering on the waist. It will be really easy to accessorise.




Now after racing is where the party really starts. If you do go out after please do not wear your hat! I think this is very tacky and often can result in damaged hats! Just leave them in a car or pop home first. If you do have time to pop home then you can easily get changed or just change up your outfit a bit i.e taking off your tights or just a change of blazer! If however you dont have time a freshen up of make-up in the ladies can be enough. If you have your car maybe pop some clothes in there, or if you feel your happy to go at as you are go for it!


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